Bracknell MP James Sunderland visits Campbell West – Steve Campbell and Dan West, apprentices Jace Heath and Liam Seymout with James Sunderland MP – 26 January 2024 Picture by Antony Thompson/Thousand Word Media Ltd

The importance of apprenticeships to business leaders has rightly been on the political agenda in the UK as the rival parties jostle for position ahead of the General Election on July 4.


That’s because Rishi Sunak has committed himself to create 100,000 more a year by closing down the ‘worst-performing’ so called ‘rip-off degrees’ at universities because of high drop-out rates and “poor” job prospects.


Whichever political party is in power, from a Campbell West point of view, the next Government must do more to raise awareness of benefits of in-house training at companies like ours.


Apprentices are key to ensuring we have the skilled workforce to maintain company growth and so we were grateful to be handed the chance to share our views by Charles Orton-Jones, the editor of the Business Age website.


You can read more about our views on the subject in this article.